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Join me every Friday on 93.1 WIBC Kendall & Casey for
Mind Your Manners! During my segment we discuss all things etiquette and answer questions in a fun,
down-to-earth atmosphere.

September 1, 2023:
Recently my best friend, Erin, made a whirlwind trip from Arkansas to Indiana to be here for my sister’s services. While here we talked about how we are both meeting so many new people and that sometimes remembering everyone’s name is a challenge. In this segment of Mind Your Manners on the 93.1 Kendall & Casey, we talk what to do in this situation!

July 28, 2023:
We covered a lot of good information on professional telephone etiquette in last week’s Mind Your Manners segment. An additional point I’d like to add is be sure to smile when answering the phone. It truly makes a difference on the receiving end. It can put the caller at ease and their mood will most likely then match yours.

July 21, 2023:
Some laughs and a couple confessions on my most recent Mind Your Manners segment on the Kendall & Casey show on 93.1 WIBC. Are you guilty of breaking any of the etiquette we discussed?!?!

July 14, 2023:
Check out protocol I suggest to break and protocol to bring back.

June 30, 2023:
In this segment we covered a few more rude questions. We chatted about singleness, weight-loss, income and more.

June 23, 2023:
In this segment we discussed rude questions! This was a fun one. There were so many others I didn't get to cover. Maybe we will have to make this a series!

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