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Soup Etiquette

A bowl of soup sits on a wooden table

With the weather turning cooler, it’s almost time to whip out our favorite soup recipes once again. But while delicious, soup can be a tricky food to eat elegantly.

To help you avoid common soup faux pas, I’ve compiled five simple tips on how to enjoy soup in a sophisticated manner.

Always away.

To help avoid splashing soup on your clothing, it is best to spoon away from yourself as you eat. This is also true if you opt to tip the bowl at the end of your meal to get the very last spoonful of soup—carefully tilt the bowl away from your body.


After filling your spoon, gently tap the bottom of the utensil on the far end of the bowl to remove any excess soup. You don’t want to drip and make a mess on yourself!

Patience is a virtue.

If your soup is too hot, opt to wait a minute for it to cool down before eating rather than blowing on it. In a casual setting, it is acceptable to quietly blow on your soup if you must. However, avoid doing so at all during a formal meal.

Keep it down.

It’s wonderful to enjoy your meal, but no one should hear you doing so. Put a spoonful of soup into your mouth quietly and avoid slurping as you eat. Sometimes slurping happens because the soup is hot, which is why it is important to let the food adequately cool before attempting to eat it (see the previous tip). It is also important to avoid clanking your spoon on the bowl as you eat—being gentle is key.

Crumble in moderation.

If you enjoy crackers with your soup, add them one at a time as you eat rather than crumbling many at once.

Test time.

To practice, here is a delicious potato soup recipe for you to test your new skills out on!

Potato soup recipe card

XO, Susan



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