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Spur-of-the-Moment Hosting

Susan smiles in a pink dress while holding a pretty pink tea cup.

I love having people in my home—when I can properly plan, that is. Unexpected drop-ins are a struggle for me. Before welcoming others into my home, I like to make sure the house is pulled together and that everything is in its proper place. If there’s time, I love to have fresh flowers and something tasty to share before company is expected.

But unfortunately, life is often unexpected. I don’t always have time to make the perfect meal or hide the toys my kids often leave in their wake around the house. I’m trying to embrace this. While I don’t think it’s wrong to want to be a good hostess, I believe what is the most God-honoring is the extension of hospitality. And being hospitable is not synonymous with being perfect.

I just finished an excellent book called Gather & Give by Amy Hannon. In her book, she writes, “Friends, let’s choose connection over perfection, people over presentation, and devotion over deeds.”

I love this mentality and I am trying to embrace this mindset and be more intentional when doing any spur-of-the-moment hosting. To help me feel more prepared—when the unexpected happens—I’ve been sticking to these three easy hosting tips:

Have a pretty tea set

Nothing will make you feel more polished than being able to serve your guests something to drink and eat from a beautiful tea set or dishes. While we often try to save these dishes for special occasions, I’ve been reminding myself that it is important to romanticize our daily lives. After all, the little moments are what make up the years.

Even if the house may look like a wreck, I know I can add in some fancy by serving guests from the tea set I received for my birthday, and that makes me smile.

Amazon has some adorable tea set options that are sure to make you feel like you’re living in high cotton (but at an affordable price)!

Light a candle

While it is always ideal to be able to light a candle before your guests arrive, sometimes it isn’t an option—and that’s okay! Even if the smell hasn’t been able to spread throughout your home, there is truly something so cozy about sitting in a room with the warm glow of a candle. Some of my favorite scents include capri BLUE Volcano, and at the holidays, I LOVE Fraiser Fur candles! Truthfully, I enjoy them so much I can burn them year-round.

Alternatively, if you have a fireplace—and it is during one of the cooler months—consider lighting a fire for you and your guests. Nothing is more welcoming than a nice cup of tea and a warm fire on a gloomy day.

Have a signature dish

Having a simple dish that you know you can knock out of the park at a moment’s notice is a wonderful tool to have in your hosting belt. Maybe it’s your grandma’s salad dressing recipe or an easy casserole you know how to whip out of nothing.

Recently I tried this cookie dough dip recipe by Macy Blackwell. It was DELICIOUS, easy and a dish I will definitely be keeping in my back pocket for surprise visitors!

Cookie dough recipe by Macy Blackwell

What are some of your easy-hosting tips that help you welcome an unexpected guest? Leave your tips in the comments!

XO, Susan

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1 Comment

Aug 26, 2023

You are moving me higher into etiquette!

When first married I was always happy that I had a pretty pitcher/ glasses to serve water to the unexpected guests!🤣

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